Blu + Ra The Rugged Man + TriState – Thelonius King

Look out for Blu – NoYork (Deluxe Edition) album dropping the 26th of March





Review : Dom Kennedy – the original dom kennedy

Okay so Dom dropped this tape around march last year, out of his five projects this is his latest mixtape. Doms released two studio albums since then.

So this 12 track tape isnt a 5 star project or street album, but it definatley has replay value. Dom shows why hes still relevant being around since the 90’s with records like ‘Turn me out’  DK portrays his club and party seen with all these groupies on his dick, it has a heavy west coast feel and he seems to ride the beat flawlessly with a catchy hook unbelievable confidence. Another favorite is ‘Designer Shit’ where dom slows the flow down and go hookless where he raps about his unique style and dream of getting a maybach before MMG started to take off. CDC ft. Casey Veggies and caRTter has a very amatuerish beat but the likeness of Dom and caRTer really save the song and you ultimatley find yourself head boppin. DK really shows his off versatility and lyricism on this track snappin on that west coast beat and brings you to LA, i loved the ‘Pac soundbite fit nicely now let the beat ride. The bonus track ‘When you see love’ again shows his R&B versatility , i dont know whos on the hook but its pretty entrancing and the lyrics are powerful,  the keyboards and background vocals are on point perfectly mixed.

So overall i would give this tape 7.5-8/10, there are alot of hits and only a few misses but overall its a strong tape and you can get a good feel of just who Dom Kennedy really is.

a few quotes : “Dom told her, I want some head, yo pussy useless”, “Name start with a D but I sound like a G on it”, “Real niggas made shit on wax, fu**in fruity loops”, “Don’t go between your legs before you even learn to dribble”, “just cause you got money don’t mean you got style”