J Cole – Revenge of the dreamers (Title Track)

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Tyga- “Well Done 3”


So I wrote in my previous review on Casey Veggies’ Greatly Customized 3 that in order to grow as an artist you must be able to adapt your flow to the changes in the rap community, concurrently you must also be able show growth as an artist. However, I believe that Tyga may be an exception to the rule.

The 22 year old L.A. native has put together quite the career so far. His bangers “Rack City” ,”Make it Nasty” and “Faded” are in all honesty party classics. This is the 3rd installment of the Well Done mixtapes which began in 2010 with DJ Drama…Dramatic!…dramatic. In between his hit mixtapes he produced his first studio album Careless World: Rise of the Last King with another on its way in 2013.

 Yeah his tracks are not the most lyrically stimulating joints, but they fuckin bump. Let’s face it when your drunk at some house party with a less-than-marginally-attractive female grindin’ all up on your junk your not going to say to yourself, “ya know I don’t think Tyga has a refined enough lyrical game in comparison to his fame.” No, your gonna be thinkin damn this songs ill. And then your gonna ask a friend “Hey is this chick hot, I’m kinda drunk.” As a loyal, trustworthy friend it is his duty to say, “Dude she’s a dime.” That way your everyone else will remember the time your boy fucked a wale with tits.

But anyways my point is, given the setting that Tyga’s music is played in, its unimportant to have much lyrical merit. Now with that being said, the dude can fuckin rap (i.e “Heisman Part 2”). He’s fast, enthusiastic and there’s no doubt he has fucked more chicks in upscale, white collar attire than anyone in the biz…for the dumbasses reading this, I’m talking about a Pea Coat.

Most of the time when I do these reviews, I give an overall first impression of a track, and then look for a deeper subliminal message within the song. With Tyga it’s a moot point, he’s overly simplistic, and that’s it. This makes it a little more difficult to evaluate and brake down his tracks, so I feel that with Tyga the only fair way to judge his work is to put it up against his previous tracks. Ya remember what I said about growth as an artist?





#2 Do My Dance feat. 2 Chainz

As a heterosexual male its hard not to love the hook, which is overly simplistic, but I dont give a shit. I mean come on who doesn’t wanna hear some sexy chick rap “Do ma dance on yo dick, ooohhh you know you love that shit.” This is a sex anthem if I have ever heard one. It bangs in more ways than one. 2 Chainz’ verse was, by his standards, subpar, but still decent. I wish I could go further into the subliminal messages within the song, but I dont think there are any. Uhhh yeah Tyga likes pussy. He likes rapping about pussy. End of story.


#3 Wish

Another banging beat from Tyga. But a little more low key than most of his party jams. The song lacks creativity, which is not all that surprising. The hook is repetitive, but that’s to be expected. On a side note he drops a personal favorite line, its not even that special it just hits me in a soft spot. “I don’t need a driver cause I drive intoxicated.”……..Nicole Richie, Mel Gibson, Busta Rhymes, Lindsey Lohan…you get the point?


#9 King Company feat. Honey Cocaine


To start off I like Honey, I don’t have a ton of info on her, but from what I can tell Tyga found her on the internet and they have been working together since. She appears in both “Heisman” and “Heisman Part 2” and I liked her in both. She has a very odd voice that is in no way synonymous with you average female rapper. She actually has a similar flow to Tyga, very level, keeps pace with the beat well and has a attitude on her tracks. She opens the track reppin her Asian heritage, which she does often. Her verse is tight, pretty much what you would expect from Honey. Not enough to gain any more fame than she already has, but she keeps her rep as the best female Asian rapper in the game. LOL. Tyga caps off the second the track with a minute long verse, opening with “Fuck the World, I came and gave her a baby.” Tygas raunchiness is almost laughable, in a good way. Its hard to describe the perfect delivery of a line. That is because every rapper has his or her own unique flow and sound, so there isn’t a set way to produce the best sound for any particular line. But if there is one thing that Tyga has mastered it is just that, coming  up with the best possible way to deliver a line. The differences can be so minuet but can make or break a verse. Just the way Tyga blurts out “Fuck the world” makes the line seem better than it actually is. Every rapper in history has probably dropped that line, none do it as well as Tyga.

#9 Rachet feat. Joe Moses

“Fuckin in the house, while mama cookin.” Anyone else know that feeling? Well anyways this is my favorite song off the tape. Joe Moses provides an awesome hook/verse that shows how boss he is. Like I know I could have sat back and come up with a more articulate word that “boss.” But that is without a doubt the best way to describe,the tone of voice, lyrics and delivery over the hook. Just fuckin awesome in every way. And when he drops “Fuck a pretty bitch” I feel like most white guys can relate. C’mon now, as much as we talk about bitches as sexy and fine you know there’s that meek inner white guy in you say, “oh shes just so pretty.” Well anyways Joe Moses kills it, which would make sense considering this is actually his beat. Tyga drops lines like, “Knock the pussy out the park, Pujols.” And in Moses’ verse he drops lines like “Where the ballers at, ask me where the ballers at, hut one hut two I’m a quarterback.” So yeah Joe Moses is funny, Tyga is raw as hell, and the two of them coming together on this track makes for a fabulous single on a tape.


#14 Switch Lanes feat. The Game


So I love the idea of hookin up with The Game to do a track. The beat has that subtle “here I fuckin come” feel to it, which goes real well with The Game’s deep raspy drawl. Couple awesome line drops, but in classic Tyga form there short and precise; “I wake up, I’m fucked up”, “You aint never seen a rarri look like a safari”. The last two where punched out by the former Washington State drop out (i.e. The Game,  I think he was a shooting guard?). On paper this isn’t your classic mashup given the two rappers are very different. The Game is a classic Cali thug, with the demeanor of a lion in heat. To put it simply The Game is frightening, like even though he has bills out the mattress, I still don’t think hes beyond popin a mothafucker up in the club. This is the kinda jam you’d play on your way to a knife fight. Got it?



Overall I think that it is telling that as soon as I listened to this tape I was impress. This is mostly because most of the time that I listen to tape for the first time I am quick to overlook the little things that can make or break the tracks. I can really only think of one mixtape that I clearly enjoyed more when I first heard it, and to no ones surprise it was K.I.D.S. But I’ve listened straight through “Well Done 3” a couple times now and my opinion hasn’t changed. This just seems to be the natural progression of a rapper whole is incredibly talented when given the right beat. Diversity will probably never be a big deal to Tyga. His fans seem to love him for who he is, even though it is hard to find a diehard Tyga fan. That’s to say that he doesn’t have a ton of fans; he does. But his fans are more just passing through rather than sitting down and closely following a career.

So like I said in the opening paragraph, Tyga has a sound that he has refined to the point that he can’t get to much better. But with each new jam he reminds people exactly how good he is at that one particular thing. Here’s an analogy for ya, he’s kinda like that guy that comes off the bench to drain a three with 15 seconds on the clock, rather than the Kobe or Lebron who can dominate the game in so many different ways. Hey every team needs a J.J Reddick.

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