Curren$y & Harry Fraud: “Cigarette Boats”

Cigarette Boats is one of the many EP’s you can add to Spitta’s collection. During a trip to New York for press for “The Stoned Immaculate” album, Spitta had an off day and had to record a verse for Smoke Dza’s “Rugby Thompson” album that dropped this past summer. In the video below you can see how excited Spitta was to be able to have a full day in the studio with no stress.

If you know Spitta, you know that with his work ethic he can knock out a good amount of songs in minimal time which he did with his EP with Styles P. Now, if you know Fraudy, you know that every beat he gives to an artist it’s a masterpiece in itself. After playing Spitta only 5 beats, they decided to go to work. Spitta banged out one song after another. The EP is 5 songs. I’ll say Spitta knocked out 3 the first session and 2 the next session which was a couple months later(video below)

After tag teaming Dza and Styles P for a verse on 2 separate songs, the tape was complete. In normal fashion, Spitta releases the tape on his Twitter with a download link. The production on this tape is just phenomenal in all honesty. Fraudy’s production is undeniable and Spitta’s story-telling bonafide pot smoking raps are un-fuckwitable. His flows are a perfect match for the 5 beats he decided to choose. The lyrics are pure OG wisdom on consignment. I feel as if a young G were to sit and listen he’d pick up so much game it’d just be unfair to his competition. Spitta’s work ethic ceases to amaze me still. The amount of music he puts out to the public is just insane if you really look at it. One album, three 5 song EP’s, 1 mixtape and new songs monthly…no one’s really matching Spitta’s hustle and it’s quite evident. Enjoy the video’s below and download the mixtape if you haven’t already! Links for all that good stuff below.

DOWNLOAD Curren$y’s Cigarette Boats


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