Danny Browns top 5 Verses

First off your stupid. You know why your stupid? Its cause your not a Danny Brown fan….and if your are a DB fan then your still stupid for reading what I have to say about anything. Well anyways Danny Brown is my personal definition of a spitfire. If the was a hypothetical “Rap Video Game” and there was a “Create a Rapper” feature and you made your rapper a 99 in everything (I don’t know why you can never make them 100, like somehow video games think its unrealistic to make a basketball player “perfect” but its realistic to make a 7’7” PG from Taiwan that drains 3s like Jerry McNamera in 2003?)  you would come out with Danny Brown. Though I doubt you would willing decided to prohibit your rapper from having front teeth. Anyways this is meant for those who don’t know much or don’t appreciate DB’s wicked flow.

#5 Danny Brown – Monopoly

DB’s Verse 0:00-1:50

So I would say that the whole song qualifies to make the list but I said it would only be individual verses. It’s weird, unnaturally catchy and romantically sinister.

#4 Childish Gambino Toxic (ft. Danny Brown)

DB’s Verse 0:00-0:53

Simply put by one clever Youtuber “If heroine had a sound this would be it.” This beat/rap is so hectic and perfectly chaotic its almost hard to quantify. BTW its over a Britney Spears track….

#3 Ab-Soul “Terrorist Threats” ft. Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko

DB’s Verse 3:24-4:25

Brown raps about poverty and being homeless. He has experience with both….yes my boy was homeless on the streets of Detroit in his 20s. The raw hate and disdain is almost tangible in Danny’s verse.

#2 Danny Brown – Grown Up

DB’s Verse 1:11-1:54

Once again not a real long verse. I woulda posted the video but its edited, I would highly suggest checking it out. But the song in general is the story of his life as a kid with dreams. Brown uses crafty word play like “Drown drops of water” to articulate his superiority.

#1 The Last Huzzah- Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire ft. Despot, Das Racist, Danny Brown, EL-P

DB’s verse 2:59-3:42

Not a long verse, but possibly the most perfect 43 seconds of rap you could imagine. He somehow, within less that a minute, comes up with a new way of describing smoking weed, uses a flawless gun analogy, an awesome bread/money analogy, talks about his brutal upbringing, asserts his dominance over those that said he would never amount to anything and caps it off with one more weed analogy mashed up with a reminded that your bitches sucks his D. Awesome.

P.S. This colab, in my opinion is better than any Maybach Music or GOOD music track. Yes better than Mercy. Not better than Shady Cypher though. Eminem is still King in my book.


Oh and BTW this is really fuckin hilarious…LOL


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