What the Fuck is Going On in Chicago? Chief Keef, Lil JoJo’s death and Interscopes Influence

What The Fuck Is Going on In Chicago, Lil JoJo’s death, Chief Keefs involvement and Labels influence.

Okay this is a free flowing piece that I’m not going to proof read cause I dont have the time…I play baseball in college so yeah, free time is spent with a beer and ping pong ball, not a pen and pad…Yes I realized how gay that sounded…No I dont care.

But anyways what the fuck is going on in Chicago? I’m gonna provide a brief background so y’all can have a proper setting. Basically this year Chicago has seen more murders and all around violence than it ever has. Keef had it perfect when he deemed Chicago “Chi-Raq.” Seriously YouTube “Chicago Gang Violence” and you’ll see. The overwhelming majority of those killed are young black men. Not overly unusual, but that meteoric rise in occurrence is. From what I have gathered this “surge” can be directly linked to the fact that all at once the heads of the cities major gangs got locked up. Ironic that locking up the most deadly men in Chicago has lead the Chicago becoming more deadly than ever. But here’s the thing, while they may seem like mindless thugs, the leaders of most successful gangs are intelligent, calculated and overwhelmingly business oriented. They seek not mass murder, but money and power. However those who work below them, the ones on the street corners are mindless thugs. They are human and have a pulse, but have been so engraved into gang culture that they truly look at themselves as soldiers fighting a war, which at this point is true. Look, when you are raised by wolves, you’ll act like a wolf, if your raised by ruthless gang members you’ll act like a ruthless gang member. Case and point….

These kids aren’t the ones that get to high school (first off they rarely attend school in the first place) they are the ones who are raised in low or non-existent single parent households. Their mother/father is preoccupied with their own poverty, drug use or older children, and who can blame them. I’m a republican, but I also have a heart. So left on their own, with no prospects where do they turn. To a local man who probably provides protection for the neighborhood. Most people don’t realize but gangbangers actually, at times, provide to the community. But I do not know if this is the case in Chicago. Anyways, that is how it all begins. Fairly simple, straightforward and easy to understand. How does this decades old, fucked up foster care program affect the rap game? Well Im 19 and a sophomore at a Texas State school (read: “kids a fucking moron that can hit an inside fastball.”) so obviously I know all the answers. But seriously I think I got this.

Given the fact that Englewood and Chicago in general has become a literal warzone, naturally people are going to exploit it for all the wrong reasons. Normally this would be the media, but in a twist that most people who have any brains and are aware of the situation should have realized what would happen. Young rappers saw an opportunity to exploit their surroundings, lifestyles and gang affiliations. What better way to do that than to tell it how it is. Now most of you are thinking, wait rappers always embellish and at times flat out lie and their lives. I really dont think these Chicagoans do. Seriously, it’s that fucked up. Now Chief Keef is often labeled as responsible for the growing violence because of his promotion of the ‘I dont give a fuck attitude.’ (Yeah all you suburban kids, myself included that say IDGAF consider my next paragraph) This full embrace of the idea means complete and utter disregard for human life (Keef mocked Lil JoJo on twitter when finding out about his death). When someone truly feels that, there is no law, there is no right or wrong, there just is opportunity and those who stand in the way must be cut down. Simple, straightforward and ruthless….similar to rap.

Now here is where the real money making pigs come into play. The labels. Everyone hates the fucking labels. Look I believe that anyone should make their own money however they like, as long as you not hurting people in the process (now I know boss’s must fire employees for no other reason than to cut the budget and stuff like that, but that is just the natural cycle of the workforce in general). But what Interscope is doing could be worse than the gangsters who take these young men under their wing. Only because they are not forced to partake in the street fight themselves. They promote, or allow these Chicago rap feuds to continue. Why? Because apparently there is no better promotional strategy than bodies being splayed across the streets of Englewood because of these feuds. What other rapper gets facetime on CBS or FOX? 50 Cent gets shot 9 times, and he’s thrived from it. Ironically 50 Cent has backed Chief Keef, not directly on the murder investigation, but on his feud with Lupe Fiasco. That feud is so fucking ridiculous and such a travesty that I now dislike both of them. Basically Lupe accused Keef of being a faux role model for young thugz, Keef said stfu and Lupe quit rap….like I said….WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN CHICAGO! But anyways 50 backs Keef by saying he’s not responsible for any of this, but fails terribly in trying to fix the problem. In fact he didn’t try, and by not trying to calm Keef down and teach him how it’s done he’s enabling it.

So what do we make of this? Is Keef responsible or is he just a pawn?

Keef would seem to be soulless, unattached to reality and it wouldn’t shock anyone if he was connected to JoJo death. Does this mean he is responsible for all of the violence in Chicago? No, but his image is serving as a template for younger rappers, and it has already caught on…i.e Lil Mouse. But look there has never, and I really mean this, been a more deadly group of rappers coming up than there are right now. And the scariest part is, is that they all live within ten motherfuckin blocks of each other. This can play out in two ways, the second being far more likely. 1) Keef and “3hunna” and Bricksquad will somehow reconcile and realize they can both thrive and coexist. Not be friends or even like each other, but can basically agree not to kill each other. HIGHLY UNLIKELY. 2) This battle grows and grows, if they are somehow both not imprisoned within the next year, more people will die, the one still alive will become even more infamous and the Interscope will gain more publicity for the low price and a young mans life.

I’ll leave you with this. The video was shot before Lil JoJo’s death, but not released until after…


Questions or comments below or @amckeon32


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