Dedication IV – Review

Yes people we’ve finally got it after numerous pushbacks & delays. So in usual fashion Dwayne remixes the industries hottest beats with help from the likes of fellow YMCMB rappers Nicki Minaj and Birdman also with  features from J. Cole, Jeezy the snowman, and lil’ mouse. This free 15 track ep is what to be expected from Tunechi, a few hits and a few misses. Some of the instrumentals are a bit old and played out but since D4 was set for a earlier release date ill give him some slack. I’ve heard Wayne has returned to penning his lyrics but its not obvious with lines like ” his head up his ass im’a have to headbutt him “, but it is Wayne and he does have those lines where you have to run it back like “i got my draws on, sam rothstien, 44 on my waist..Rick Ross jeans” lol . My personal favorite track on the ep is Green Ranger ft. J. Cole simply because they both DESTROY it. What’s your take on DJ Dramas narration? we love feedback! btw theres a few DL links down below


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