Casey Veggies – “Customized Greatly 3 Review “


Veggies is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. The dude started releasing music at the age of 14. When I was 14 my time was spent vacillating between jerking off and thinking of ways to acquire alcohol…so yeah give this dude some props. This is obviously the third installment of the Customized Greatly series which began almost 4 years ago. Before that he contributed to the first ever OF release The Odd Future Tapes which were recorded using a laptop camera and other fairly small projects. With that being said he has also worked with higher ups in the rap game such as Chiddy Bang, Sir Michael Rocks and Mac Miller. Veggies was featured on Mac Millers “America” off of Macadelic and absolutely killed it. So with that bit of background let’s get into the music.

#3 Toe Tag

This track is a good reminder to all of his listeners that he is an Odd Future disciple. Whether he tries to or not it is clear that he has that part demonic, part hoodlum sound that is synonymous with Odd Future. As someone who prides themselves on analytical thinking and to be quite honest, being good at sounding smarter than I actually am, it is still extremely challenging to find the proper way to define OF’s sound. Like I just said, its demonic, but that’s too simple. I’ll justify my lack of intuition by saying that Odd Futures music, as a whole, is far too complex and strays from the path to such a degree that it would require an encyclopedias worth of paper to fit in all of the aspects that must be examined when trying to make sense of their music. What’s funny about this whole idea is that if I presented that last sentence to Tyler, he’d probably just tell me I’m a moron and that I should just go fist myself.

Ok, back to Veggies. So yeah lyrics like, “Eat that bone to the bristle, Cut a chick off use a chisel” show his upbringings as rapper.  Oh, and the hook is “Toe tag, body bag, kill’em with the swag” repeated four times. This track is a little all over the place. By that I mean that for most of the song your are thrown off changed of beat and pace. But I’m okay with that when it’s done the right way, like Jasper is a great example of someone who does this terribly. Jasper is also an example of why you should do too much coke. Overall Casey Veggies did a good job when attacking this complicated beat, while putting together rhymes that flow.

#6 Go Crazy

I knew I had to do a write up on this song once I heard the end of the opening hook, “I be in some Nike shit with some fresh jeans, Young boy ballin God damn I need an ESPY.” I spend every single hangover morning parked in front of my TV listening to Neil Everett and Scott Van Pelt and wishing I had 3D so I could get a better look at Erin Andrew’s flawless bod. So yeah Veggies rapping about ESPN tapped into a special part of my heart. But besides the ESPY line drop, it’s a tight song. On the outside its a chill laid back song, over an almost laughably over typical cali beat. But upon further inspection you realize this is in some ways a tribute song to L.A. To cap off his rhymes he referenced the following: The ESPY’s (the shows in L.A.), Dr. Dre, dating an actress, “The Chronic”, being an L.A. “spitta”, OC living and caps it all off by shouting out to Odd Future. It’s a chill track with more behind it that meets the eye. As I have said in every single one of my reviews, it’s nice to see some self reflection on a mixtape.

#10 PNCINLOFWKTA feat. Tyler the Creator, Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats and Earl Sweatshirt

Just to get it out of the way, Peas N’ Carrots International mixed with Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

I dreaded writing this review because I know that I would have to discuss this song. First of all I’m kinda pissed at Casey, like how the fuck am I supposed to explain the title of this song to someone who asks me about it. But anyways PNCINLOFWKTA has a classic OF beat, demonic and deliberate. And sticking with classic OF style Earl kills it.

Earl makes this beat his bitch by dropping lines like, “who rap rancid as rats acid with four and a half rations of horse laxatives down the hatch again” and “lips slurping that lit purple, my bitch circular, not giving shits like writers when its personal, disgusting as dick burping when its vertical.” And of course he drops those lines with the delivery of someone who knows what they be doin.

I didn’t love Casey’s verse. It was good, fast and tight. But I think that the rhymes could have been touched up a bit. He drops lines like “your bitch is just like a frog and she just be hoppin’ around” and “you hesitant and I’m adamant, can’t stop this, got the locksmith.” I realize those affiliated with Odd Future appear to be uninterested in having a dominant lyrical game (omit Tyler and Earl)  but there’s usually more behind the madness than meets the eyes. In Casey’s verse I really couldn’t find much beyond the mediocre one liners.

If you where excited to see Tyler the Creator as a feature, he only does the hook which was dark and stimulates the inner demon in you.

#14 Verified (Everything Official)

So I thought that since I had a good amount to say about outside issues when review the earlier songs on the mixtape I should probably take a track at face value and break it down like that. I felt that one of Casey’s biggest problem is that he seems to lack some direction when he is forced to hold down a song on his own. Manny rappers are able to put together a tight verse on a feature, but the number of rappers who can hold down their own song is much lower. Just think about all of the biggest songs of the year. All of those bangers off of Dreamchasers 2 and pretty much any track that 2 Chainz has touched in the last 8 months. All of those songs are awesome don’t get me wrong, I could sit down and listen to Dreamchasers all day everyday and still love the work. But for me the difference between a good rapper and a great rapper is having the ability to hold down a track on your own.

I can honestly say that The Slim Shady LP is the best release in the last 15 years. Why? Because Eminem said everything he needed to, nothing more, nothing less. And Did all of that with the help of one feature from Dr. Dre. It’s the best, the most complete and easily the most entertaining mixtape I own, and 98% is all Em.

Now obviously no one is expecting Casey to be Slim, but it is important to keep what I said in the previous paragraph in mind in order to properly understand what I am about to say.

Casey Veggies is not always good or even average at holding down an entire track on his own. At times he shows good flow and rhyme schemes, and at times he can be sly with a good sense of humor. But he needs a clear direction and I am not seeing that.

“Verified” is a great example of that, it’s okay, seems to have all of the things a normal rap song would have. But who wants to listen to an average rapper.

#17 Maybe I Should Go

This is an interesting move by Veggies. He caps of the tape with a slower, relaxed song. Its hard to tell exactly what he’s referring too, I guess it could simply be about fishing the mixtape, which is probably a little over dramatic considering that the tape wasn’t all that great. But for lack of a better word, it was interesting. He drops some fresh lines such as “Trying out some new things, I might just hit a blonde dykeI don’t give a damn, get it in ’til the time out, I been spitting rhymes now, finally bout to shine now.”

Okay so overall this would appear to be a pretty negative review. In some ways it is, clearly I am not the biggest Casey Veggies fan, but I respect what he does. He’s two months younger than I am and has been in the rap game for the last 4 years. To me it seems like he’s stuck trying to find his sound. Young and up an coming rappers are sometimes given a break because they have nothing to compare their work to and there is no way to chart their progress. There’s no better example of this than Mac Miller. Just so you know I’m about to verbally blow Mac so just a heads up.

Mac started off with smaller projects like “The High Life” and “The Jukebox” and proceeded to move on with “K.I.D.S” in late 2010. While his two previous mixtape where basically him discovering himself as a rapper, “K.I.D.S” was the conclusion. In other words his early projects helped him shape that rapper he was when he put together and made “K.I.D.S.” Mac would go on to release “Best Day Ever” in March of 2011 and further his image as a carefree kid just trying to make it big and have fun along the way. But Mac ran into a wall at some point in between “B.D.E” and “Blue Slide Park”, his first Album. This showed as he appeared to regress to the naked eye. I believe that it was a combination of terrible beats, Rostrums fear of letting Mac have too much control and most importantly, no one needs three straight releases of the same thing. It was clear that he needed to move on from his carefree raping style to a more mature sound. So what did he do? He grew the fuck up and dropped “Macadelic” and showcased a Mac Miller that we had never seen before and caught everyone off guard. And ya know what? I fuckin loved it, If it was possible I would fuck the shit out of Macadelic every night before I pass out. So yeah I thought it was pretty good.

Same thing happened with Weezy. Everyone got tired of hearing the same shit over and over again. This is why rappers fade out, they can’t adapt, there so focused on their current sound that they fail to develop alternatives.

I’m 2000 words in so I won’t go much further but the bottom line is that I see potential in Casey Veggies. He’s got the raw talent, but I don’t believe that he is primed for super stardom at the moment. He is still a long ways away from developing into a rapper that I personally would consider at the top of the game.  But who knows, he could turn around and drop a mixtape like “Macadelic” and have me looking like a dumbass for saying he wasn’t there yet. If Casey can add a few more weapons to his arsenal he could grow and become a great rapper. But for now he can defiantly hold down a verse, no better evidence of that than his guest appearance on America  off of  “Macadelic.” But he is far away from the top.


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