Turn Back Tunes VII (producers/rappers)

okay so this is all about producers/rappers.

i know you like this, yea me too.

whats this sample tho? we miss you charles #starchasers

come on son, this shit is forever

forgot about dre

this sample crazy

live from the underground June 5th

im always fucking childish, you knew that when you met me

due to all the other kanye that made it onto the playlist i decided not to put him here, but respect to him hes the best to ever do it.


2 thoughts on “Turn Back Tunes VII (producers/rappers)

  1. Starchasers says:

    Nice list…but actually Charles finally admitted to stealing the beat from Black Spade…

    heres the original http://vodpod.com/watch/1487840-black-spade-shining-mp3-divshare

    I love Charles too but kinda fucked up he stole the beat but yea he admitted to it in a couple of his later songs. Shining was still a great song. Kind of ironic how you just happen to put this song up for Charles as producer/rapper I mean he does have dozens of original songs that he did indeed produce that are great just so happens this one was a stolen beat.

    • perrykarris says:

      hey thanks for the comment, i did some research and you were right, thats unfortunate for charles but not the first time hes done something like that.

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