Big K.r.i.t. 4eva n a day Review

Okay so first of all if your not familiar with Krit this is a good place to start, he produces all of his own music, relying heavily on samples . Krit, being able to produce his own music is able to create what seems like the perfect flow…(dont know how many artist would be able to remix some theses instruentals). The begining of the tape starts off with with a prelude setting the mood for the whole albumn. On the track entitled ‘ Yesterday ‘ krit takes you into his world with his storytelling and ultimatley puts you in the zone. You cant help but nod your head to 4evaNaDay (theme) just a good spirited song, day day day day day day 4evanaday. Me and my old school seems to be my least favorite track on the album i just cant seem to get past the flute, obo what ever the f that is. (dont take it personal krit just a hard instrument to incorperate ) . I heard in a interview that krit might make a 1986 remix with other rappers that were bron that year aka Drake, kool g rap, and a few others that im not too familiar with. so all in all I would choose tempation as my favorite song simply because the unique synths and its VERY catchy, find myself  just saying ” tryna turn us into something ” randomly. This Mixtape/Album deserves a 7.5-8/10. good production, appealing lyrics, catchy hooks, and its overall Classic Krit making grade A projects over and over. After listening to this on repeat for a few weeks the only thing i can say is ” Wheres the album ”


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