Odd Future Tape, Vol. 2 Album Review

I was never a huge odd future fan, i always respected what they did but some of their shit was a little too weird for me. I always loved earl, and they when hodgy came out with his untilted ep i started to get more into their shit. Then they dropped rella and i fucked with that so when this album came out i had to give it a listen. Overall the album is good but its nothing too special. It has a wide verity of different types of music. You got frank ocean doing his thing on a couple of songs, then you have tyler hodgy and domo on like every song, and then some of their random shit that im not a fan of. Basically all you need to know is hodgy kills everything. Tyler does his thing too but its nothing to get excited about. The only special thing on here is oldie. If you haven’t herd this yet definitely go take a listen to that right now. First off this is something that no other group has really done before and i think its a really cool idea. but the best part is everyone kills it too (except for jasper but hes a clown). i would love top see frank ocean and left brain rap some more because they both kill it. and the best part is that this is the only song earl is on and he destroys it. If earl was on more than just this song the album would be alot better because hes just so much better than everyone else on odd future. A couple more good songs are, Bitches and p because hodgy absolutly destory them. Hodgy really does his thing on here and im expect alot more good music from him in the future.

Rate – 7/10


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