Wiz Khalifa “Taylor Allderdice” Mixtape Review

I’m listening to the mixtape as I’m writing this just so I can give you a thorough review. So, where should I start? Well we’ve been waiting on this one since September when Wiz first gave us the name of his new projects releasing along with his sophomore album O.N.I.F.C. This mixtape has production from of course the Taylor Gang house producers, Big Jerm, Sledgren, Cardo, ID Labs, then also has tracks by Lex Luger, Spaceghostpurp, Harry Fraud and more. Wiz shows us how he has grown as an artist since Rolling Papers, his freshman album. What makes Wiz as an artist may not be his lyrics because you can argue his isn’t the biggest lyricist in the game, but the lyrics that he does say along with the arsenal of  flows he has, it’s a lethal combination. We have features on the tape from Rick Ross, Smoke Dza, and of course the Taylor Gang clique Chevy Woods, Juicy J, and Lola Monroe. Wiz shows us what its really like to be able to do what the fuck he wants with a song like My Favorite Song, which not to sound clingy, is my favorite song on the tape because it touches every topic that has been going on in his life the past year. Then we have songs like O.N.I.F.C, produced by both Cardo and Sledgren. This is a more slow of a track, which I think might be one of the most trippiest songs on the tape, it’s dope. Another one of my favorites on the tape is Nameless featuring Chev. Chevy’s bars on the two tracks he is featured on are lethal. Wiz compliments Chevy very well in this song. It’s a good collabo song with a perfect hook with a nice classic beat that makes me think of  90’s cyphers. Then of course there is songs for you to turn up too such as The Code produced by Lex Luger where the entire Taylor Gang is featured on it. Juicy J gives a classic ratchet verse to get pumped too then Lola, Wiz, and Chevy give us short but very potent verses. Then we have arguably a lot of people favorite song off the tape, Never Been Part II. Produced by Sledgren of course, Wiz gives us a hard ass verse then an unexpected Amber Rose does the hook but don’t get scared, she’s not really singing, she’s like that hot chick who has that sexy voice and it actually sounds good. Then, the boss Rick Ross gives us another classic verse that we will all be reciting for a while. At first a lot of us thought Never Been should never be duplicated, but this doesn’t hurt it, nor does it top it. This is a futuristic version of Never Been too me. It shows how both Wiz and Sledgren’s sound has developed in the years and it sounds good. But we all know as long as Wiz and Sledge that Never Been is just a classic. Basically if you know me, you know that I’m a die hard Wiz fan and I love almost all of his work but I do know when I hear something that I know other people won’t like. This mixtape is not a Kush & Orange Juice so don’t look for that. You can’t expect Wiz to make another project anywhere near as good as that it just won’t happen because it’s impossible. It’s growth, it’s artist development. With this mixtape you’re either going to like this a lot and listen to this whenever you’re in a good mood or a chill ass mood, or you’re just not going to like it what so ever. The one thing I agree with on when people who don’t like it say “Wiz doesn’t have a lot of lyrical content” you are completely correct. The entire mixtape is basically about 3 topics: money, weed and growth. It is somewhat bias for me to rate this myself but I will try my hardest to give it an appropriate rate. Download Link and Rating Below. 

Rate: 8.5-9/10

Download Link: http://www.taylorallderdicemixtape.com/


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