ScHoolboy Q “Habits & Contradictions” Review


I never really herd of Schoolboy Q before this and I was big into asap rocky and loved q’s verse on Brand New Guy so when i saw he came out with an album i thought i would check it out cause hes a cool dude. This album is crazy. In my opinion this is one of the most underrated albums ever. easily in my top 3 albums of the year. I can listen to the whole album over and over again without it ever getting old. With one of the best flows in the game Q spits over all different kinds of beats. he goes for a number of different sounds and personalities on this. Hes got songs like nightmare on fig street with the dark scary creepy sounds with massive bass, and then he changes it up with the fast upbeat sounds, with a crazy flow on sexting, druggies wit hoes again, and there he go. another song i really like like that is hands on the wheel ft. asap rocky this is one of my favorite songs of the year, whenever asap and schoolboy hop on a beat you know its gonna be a banger, asap goes off on this. another one of my favorites is blessed ft kendrick lamar. two of the best flows in the game. this song is on a whole other level, with some of the deepest lyrics on a soft beat with some really hard snares. kendrick rides those drums soo hard. both of these go off and kill it. last song i want to talk about is grooveline pt.1 featuring spitta and dom kennedy. this is another one of those soft songs. but the best part about it is that its produced by lex lugar. it shows that he can produce other stuff other than those brick squad and mmg stuff. overall amazing album featuring songs for everyone’s tastes and styles. very innovating these are the guys that are gonna change the game

Overall 9/10


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