Rick Ross “Rich Forever” Review


If you haven’t herd this shit yet you fuckin up! Rick Ross is easily one of the hottest rappers if not THE hottest right now a long with the hottest crew in the game. After some health issue he had to push back his album (god forgives i don’t) and instead he drops this tape. Defiantly top 5 tapes of the year. Featuring top artists like Diddy, 2 chains, Nas ,Styles P, Future, Drake, French Montana, Pharelle, Birdman, John Legend, and of course the mmg crew. when i first listened i thought it was a cool tape, but after seriously listening you can tell that this is gonna be what the future of hip-hip is gonna sound like. Rosay starts the tape off with a classic, holy ghost is crazy, this shit is bumpin and diddy goes off to, yella dimonds is another one like that. Then we move to songs like fuck em, this is probably my favorite song. Rosay switches up his flow on this one . It really shows how good he really is and can spit on all different types of beats. also 2 chainz and wale go off. He also has a song featuring Grammy winning john legend, this shows how successful Rick ross really is having songs with people like john legend. And triple beam dreams with the legend nas. nas goes off on that shit. And then he saves best for last, the single Stay scheming is the most popular song. Ross and drake kill it but i feel like french could have done better but still a great song. the only complaints i have are that some of the songs are a little repetitive and he has one song with kelly rowland which is soft as fuck but i guess he has to have one for the ladies. overall a amazing mixtape defiantly worth listening to.

Overall 9/10


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