Kendrick Lamar “Section.80” Review

If you like any of the things in the cover(above) chances are…there’s something in this album you’ll like. This came out a very long time ago but if you didn’t listen to it when it first came out and still haven’t…it’s okay, i did the same thing. I always heard of this “Kendrick Lamar” cat, all i knew was he was POPPING on all the blogs, from Cali, fucked with Drake, raps fast as hell, and his MTV Rapfix freestyle was ill as fuck. I don’t know what made me give this a listen one random day but i thank the lord i did. This album might possibly have been top 3 best albums that came out in 2011 easily. Kendrick’s a really weird dude, he’s probably the most mellow rapper in the game right now but can also be cocky as a bitch which is exactly what this industry of fake ass artists needs. His wordplay and story telling is just incredible. With his single ADHD which is his more popular song simply because it’s a deep story that takes a while to break down and has a hook you can sing for days. But the album goes deeper than that. With songs like Blow My High with a Pimp C and Aaliyah sample with one of the most catchiest hooks and two great verses to complete it. To songs like Ab-Souls Outro which is a more poetic song that makes you feel as if you are in a heavy jazz club, with Ab-Soul killing the first verse than Kendrick slaughtering the rest with the disfunctional playing of jazz music as the instrumental, it compliments both of their weird styles. Then to songs such as Spiteful Chant featuring TDE recording artist Schoolboy Q, which I think could be one of my favorite collaborative songs that I’ve heard in a while. But then there is one song that doesn’t really catch my attention and that is No Make Up which i must admit i skip EVERY time it comes on, BUT that’s just one song out of a 17 track album. It takes a little bit to get used to Kendrick’s weird fast then slow it up flows. When i say his “weird” flow I don’t mean weird as in he’s a crazy dude and sounds different, it’s just something we haven’t heard before so we aren’t used to it so “weird” is the best way we can explain it but the more you listen to the album the more you realize…this is the kind of weird you like. But at the end of the day Kendrick Lamar is a pure artist and can honestly rap his ass off for days to come. If you haven’t already listened to this album please do, you might possibly agree with everything I just said but hey what do I know, not like I listen to this at least once a day. ha!



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